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The Skin Essentials Bundle

The Skin Essentials Bundle

Our Skin Essentials Bundle includes everything you need for clear, hydrated, glowing skin!

This set includes each of our Lissy Skincare serums: Mandelic, Vitamin C, and Hydrating Serum. 

Used in conjunction with each other, these 3 products will hydrate, protect, and refine your skin!

- Mandelic serum improves acne, texture, and tone

- Vitamin C plumps, brightens and provides free radical protection

- Hydrating Serum soothes and nourishes the skin, all while restoring moisture

Shipping & Returns

Ships within 1-3 days. All sales final.

Directions For Use

Mandelic Serum: Apply 3-5 drops to the skin every night after cleansing and before moisturizing. If dryness occurs, use every other day until the skin acclimates.

Vitamin C Serum: Apply 3-5 drops to the skin every morning after cleansing and before moisturizing.

Hydrating Serum: Apply 3-5 drops to the skin after all other serums before moisturizing.

Please note

Please note that everyones skin is different and reacts differently to skincare products. We encourage a patch test when you first receive your product to check for any reactions.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Hannah Downes
I absolutely adore this Mandelic Serum! It is gentle yet effective and cleared up a breakout with...

It made my skin become clear and STAY clear, and the overall tone of my skin is glowy and even!


My skin is glowing!

Faith Via
Gaining my confidence back

🧡💜🩷My skin has definitely seen a major improvement ever since I started using lissy skincare. I’m in my earlier 20s and unfortunately my acne started coming back again. I tried every brand under the sun and saw no results at all. I’m currently on my second bundle and my acne is finally at bay. I LOVE LISSY SKINCARE 💜🧡🩷

Chloe Harmon
lissy skincare saved my skin -from another estie

i have tried every product and my skin has never been as good as it is now! i have struggled with acne and i have used all three serums and i will never switch it up!