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Life-changing !!!!!

Finding this serum through tiktok was such a relief, as I had been trying EVERYTHING to get rid of these pesky little bumps on my forehead that only showed up when I was outside in the summer. I didn’t realize that I was experiencing fungal acne til my esthetician friend explained it to me and found this serum. This stuff is like liquid gold ina bottle. So thankful for this product and my clear, smooth, glowing skin. 🥰

Mandelic Serum 5%
michaela carney

Mandelic Serum 5%

The Bright Bundle
Nikki Cvammen
So good!

So far I can definitely see a difference in the texture of my skin after less than a week of use. I am very excited to see how much my skin changes and if there is a significant change throughout my entire menstrual cycle.

I actually saw results!

I’ve been struggling with hormonal acne around my chin and occasionally on my forehead and jawline for YEARS. I refused to try any harsh products in fear that my skin would get worse. I was skeptical about this, but now that I’ve been using it for a few weeks, I’m fully confident that it has cleared up a lot of my acne! I still get breakouts here and there but this serum has definitely made a difference. I’m shook!

Mandelic Serum 5%
Olivia Balogh
baby smooth skin & clears the acne up

definitely less bumpy texture & smoothness

The Bright Bundle
Lely pizsal
A cure to my acne and pigmentation

Less breakouts, smoother texture and brighter skin tone. Amazing for anyone prone to acne and clogged pores.

Mandelic Serum 5%
David O’Bryan
Soothing and smooth

It feels much smoother and doesn’t react negatively with my toner like my previous serum did. Very happy and excited to see results in the coming months.

Mandelic Serum 5%
tracey casamassima
by acne


The Bright Bundle
Emma Stewy
Life changing

clear, glowy, hydrated


I get hormonal acne and nothing has ever stopped me getting breakouts before this product. After about a week or two of using it my skin was clear with no underlying bumps. Now it's been about a month, not sure if it will help with my scarring or
not but nonetheless it seems to be very effective! The packaging is also adorable. My only complaint is the obscenely high price, which is even worse when shipping to the uk. Not sure if I'll be able to buy consistently.

Shocked !!

I saw this product on an add and thought nothing of it. Until i read the reviews and saw these girls were going through the same thing i was!! Had acne, went on accutane, then broke out again. I had lost all hope but then decided to order the serum. Truly works wonders. The only product to clear my skin in MONTHS. And let me tell you I've tried EVERYTHING and I am just so grateful for this!! I was my face, put this on, then moisturize and it has cleared my skin TREMENDOUSLY.

Nothing like it

Best ever!

Mandelic Serum 5%
Jaytee Diedrichs

My skin barrier got destroyed back in November from professional skin care products being to harsh. I had absolutely no idea for months I was dealing with fungal acne, and I had tried everything to get rid of it. I finally came across videos/ started eliminating and changing items in my skincare routine. This still didn’t work. THEN I found Lissy Skincare. The mandelic serum paired with a light weight moisturizer literally repaired my skin / had it back to normal in a week. My skin is still trying to heal of course, but it is a night and day difference because of this product. I highly highly highly recommend.

Mandelic Serum 5%
Emma Barrell
So far so good!

Skin seems a bit smoother, I suffer from fungal and cystic acne and it seems to be making a difference. Only one week in so far, can't wait to see if it continues to improve.

So good!!

I’ve noticed my pores to close up and less pimples to form! Hopefully no more in the future!!

The Bright Bundle
Tara Wilson

Almost immediately my skin appeared brighter and clearer. I struggle with texture bumps on my forehead, and it has definitely made a difference as far as clearing them up. I haven't gotten a regular breakout as long as I'm using it regularly. My skin seems to get more even and even feels softer. I'm truly impressed!

Mandelic Serum 5%
mckenzie justice

The only time I break out since using this is from hormonal acne during my cycle. I also had my brother get some and he has cystic acne and is on a medication for it. We have both noticed a huge difference in his skin! So grateful we found this!

Mandelic Serum 5%
Monica Zebley

Helps with acne so well and texture makes my skin glow ❤️

Mandelic Serum 5%

Breakouts stopped occurring as much


Is there a reason you don't post your ingredients on the website to cut/paste and research? It is hard (takes longer) to read them off the box and do research.

Mandelic Serum 5%
Rebecca Mullis
Thumbs up

Clearing up breakouts, still haven’t had time for full results. So far, I am loving it

Love it!

Within days I noticed my skin cleared. I still get some breakouts SOMETIMES but this has been a game changer and the only thing that works for my skin! Thank you! 😭

Mandelic Serum 5%
Tessa Hurst

Guys. I literally never leave reviews lol. I HAD to write a review for this product. I invest a lot of money into my skincare. I have tried cutting certain foods out of my diet, I’ve bought the $200 serums/creams, expensive sprays and washes, etc, etc. NOTHING has worked. I literally cannot believe my eyes when I look in the mirror. I struggle with acne, dull skin and texture and tiny little bumps that will not go away no matter what I do. I am happy to report that almost ALL of my texture is gone and my face is so much brighter… and I'm only 3 weeks in of using it. Honestly when I bought this I was really down about my skin it was a last ditch effort. I figured if this didn’t work I’d give up. Im so glad I finally bought this and I will never use anything else. If you’re thinking about it, GET IT. Thank you lissy skincare!!

Mandelic Serum 5%
Mary Beiler

Mandelic Serum 5%

Mandelic Serum 5%
Julia Raymond

Clearer skin, better texture!